Program for Better Self

This is an individual mind-body coaching program for a duration of 3 months. The aim of this program is to improve the physical, mental, and emotional states of a person with holistic approach-based activities.

Format of the program includes

  • Answering the questionnaire to set a significant goal and plan the phased work accordingly.
  • Identifying and understanding the characteristics of a client relating to their lifestyle, nutrition, food allergies, or intolerance details.
  • The collected data is analyzed individually after the preliminary collection. (test interpretation does not include diagnosis or medicine prescription, however, if required we may discuss further).
  • A proper nutrition program for an individual is prepared based on all the data received. These food diaries are kept in check every week throughout the program.
  • Certain lifestyle changes such as physical activities, sleep patterns, brain functions, managing work with stress, etc are recommended if needed.
  • If necessary, the addition of some supplements like minerals, vitamins, EFA, pre or pro-meta-biotics, amino acids, essential oils, and herbs, can be added to your diet.
  • Dynamic monitoring of the planned nutrition is done for 3 months. Also, regular assessments for body composition and overall well-being are also done twice every month.
  • Sessions are performed twice a month with the clients to work out their beliefs regarding these lifestyle changes.
  • Meditation and breathing practice sessions are also performed accompanied by Anna twice a month.
  • Monitoring water consumption, physical activities, and other activities.
  • Client favorite restaurant menus may also be analyzed for forming options for their dishes to compile their nutrition program.
  • Summing up the joint work done in the entire 3 months of this program for forming a healthy diet and lifestyle for the client’s future ahead.
Corporate Mind Wellness