Technological development in wellness

As the wellness industry sees a steep growth, it makes sense that innovative tech wellness products will have a great moment. In fact, it has grown beyond the Fitbit and smartwatch. The biggest advantage of wellness tech advancement lies in empowerment. You need to be in charge of your wellbeing with regular tracking of outcomes of wellness pursuits. And with digital tech within everybody’s reach, pursuing wellness has become easier. Although digital disconnection has featured among one of the latest wellness trends, it doesn’t mean that you remain disconnected forever. See the positive side, there is a growing craze in the use of wellness tech be it through unique devices or smartphone apps.

Booming digital apps showing better ways of self-care

Unless you are into a regular self-care habit, you cannot enhance your wellness. Digital apps are simply awesome in this respect. These are helping in personal wellness management starting from showing you the ways of time management to guiding you in self-improvement practices.  If one has to list 10 most popular self-care wellness apps, names like Calm, Headspace, 10% Happier, Mind and Body Zen, Simple Habit, Breathe, YogaGlo, Yoga Studio, Mindfulness App crop up instantly. You will hardly come across anybody who has not been using at least one wellness app. Self-care apps are smartly addressing almost all wellness concerns  right from your nutrition, exercise, sleep to mind-body practices for mental tranquility. 


You must have been connecting physicians or wellness therapists and practitioners through video calls and telephone. If not yet, very soon you will do. Tech wellness has emerged in a new form.  Innovations in telehealth or telewellness whatever you call are also connecting with apps, wearable and other smart devices to support you on-the-go. 

Tech innovations for better sleep

The global sleep industry is astounding but still we do not get enough sleep. Scientists agree unanimously that all of us need good sleep. The CDC has declared the American citizens’ sleeplessness as one of the serious epidemics. To solve your sleep issues, new headsets allowing you to track your brain waves, tech-powered sleep mattresses and devices to maintain proper sleep hygiene are flooding the market.

Tech gets married with nutrition

Healthy diet is the cornerstone of your wellness. Apart from nutrition-guiding apps, kitchen appliances with smart sensors are helping users with better analysis and recommendations based on your nutritional requirements. Just at the tap of the button, you get great nutritional guidance.

Wearables empowered for more data collection

Wearables today are more than activity trackers. They not only track your vital physical parameters but also your mental wellness, sleep pattern and much more.

Wellness tech helping corporate organizations

Corporate wellness programs are seeing the most innovative tech initiatives. Corporates are investing in advanced wellness platforms and solutions to track every aspect of employee wellness from testing, planning to treatments.

Zero guesswork in fitness and workouts

You might be opting for various workouts but are you sure of its outcome? Advanced tech eliminates this guesswork from the wellness regime. Smart workout equipments connected with wearable and apps help you make informed decisions. You also get proper suggestions based on your body type.

Wellness gets a lift with new realities

AR and VR are ushering new changes in the health and wellness industry. For example, the use of VR sets in pain management, mental stress relief and other mental conditions has seen an appreciable rise in various health and wellness institutions and clinics.

Spa industry is bringing radical innovations with VR that take you to a new world from your daily grind beyond the conventional massage table. You can experience the ambience of the world that you have been transported through your VR set without moving an inch from your sofa. Adding VR experience to the treatment menu provides the differentiation where a spa can have an edge over others.