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About Anna Guchok Billous

Anna Bilous is a renowned holistic wellness expert, mind-body coach, certified NLP master, certified nutritionist, global wellness and medical tourism expert, and non-medical rehabilitation and rejuvenation specialist. She is also a wellness ambassador of well-known European wellness resort chains, speaker, and trainer.

She helps her clients with problems like weight management, stress, childbirth issues, spiritual growth, etc, and provides full range services internationally for mental and physical well-being. The programs offered here combine both science and natural holistic approaches to healing. Her services encourage you to overcome obstacles in life, create the best version of yourself, and lead the life that you desired.

A Renowned Global Speaker

Anna believes in standing through every step of an individual to create the best mental, emotional, and physical state.  The use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brain Plasticity, and Positive Psychology are combined with holistic modalities to bring real and quicker change in your life. Some techniques such as Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, Breathing and Visualization Techniques, Stretching Work are involved for better healing and growth.

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What‘s Anna Guchok’s Expertise

Holistic Wellness Expert and Speaker

She takes a keen interest in holistic tourism with special emphasis on medical and wellness tourism. Being a strong believer in holistic wellness, she has discovered special ways to apply similar principles in tourism. Cultivating wellness habits in her lifestyle helped her developing specific traits essential for effective delivery.
Especially, for holistic wellness retreats, her quest extends beyond the physical interaction with the place of travel. She wonderfully absorbs the visual perception of landscape and other components and uniquely translates them to professional services.

Wellness Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not just about healthy eating but it surely starts with it. What we consume on a daily basis will undoubtedly affect our body and mind, but what we think also affect our wellness. Trus Anna Guchok’s 12 years of experience in the field of Wellness and Tourism.

Corporate Wellness

In corporate life, we often tend to forget that businesses are so much more than financial balance sheets of debit and credit. Businesses are made of people vis-a-vis your employees. Your employees are your biggest asset whose support is required to run a successful business. Anna provided variety of Corporate Wellness Services

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness refers to a positive sense of self and enough mental wellbeing that enables a person to go through obstacles that life puts him/her through. When a person is emotionally fulfilled, they are more likely to manage the situation in a critical and analytical way. Anna has developed a unique program for Emotional Wellness.

Holistic Patient Experience

More facilities now recognize that properly training healthcare support staff provide holistic care to patients and provide unmatched customer service, following best practices has a significant impact on the experience of patients. Every employee is being trained in how to handle patient questions and complaints regardless of their position.

Wellness Match Maker

Utilizing years of experience, Anna Guchok aims to connect consumers with a wide variety of health and wellness providers that most closely fit with their stated preferences, such as gender, language spoken, type of therapy they need, location and types of resorts they prefer. Trust Anna Guchok for Wellness Matchmaking.

Preventive Wellness

Anna has special interest and expertise in identifying or creating preventative wellness programs, to give an example of preventative wellness programs anti-tobacco holidays, cardiac rehab, de-addiction centers . Anna helps people with AI tools created by Dr Prem and Associates to help them live a better wellness driven life.

As A Chief Associates of Dr Prem and Associates

Dr Prem & Associates provide high end services across the industry and across the globe. Dr Prem’s associates are leaders, managers, researches, authors, trainers and experts from more than 50 countries. Dr Prem & Associates together provide wide range of services, consultancy and guidance.

Anna Guchok’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Health tourism strategic development
  • Health tourism strategic Sales and Marketing
  • Brand management and online reputation
  • International patient’s departments development
  • Brand management and online reputation
  • Destination Management and promotion
  • Event planning
  • Trainings for health tourism and travel related professionals
  • Consultancy in the medical & wellness tourism industry covering areas of Sales and Marketing, Management, Operations and e-commerce.

Anna Guchok As a Speaker:

Her pleasing personality and gestures help in creating a strong rapport with the audience. Be it a conference, workshop or master class, the subtle connection between the speaker and audience-speaker gets set quickly.

Her prowess lies in reading the audience. As a patient listener and smart message-conveyer, she ensures no opaque barrier exists between her and clients. she has traveled to numerous countries to deliver speeches and conduct focused workshops.

Anna Guchok As a Trainer

As a trainer, she is excellent. She has the inner eye of viewing things from different perspectives.  With profound knowledge and enriched experience, she has been successful in delivering impactful training to students, professionals and business persons from different niche tourism markets.

Her potential in giving crystal clear orientation to clients guiding them through different twists and turns in the tourism business has been gaining widespread

Anna Guchok - As a medical tourism consultant

Her talent as a medical tourism consultant got recognized while working with Dr Prem and associates, A leading medical tourism consultancy firm in world. Her knowledge of health and hospitality management helped her acquire the best level of expertise in health tourism consultancy. She has many successful medical tourism workshops to her credit. Her consultation has been sought in various global platforms.

Get in touch now

Anna Guchok provides Holistic Wellness Guidance and Services on personal level. Also The Team of Dr Prem and Associate sare based in 35 Countries, and are always ready to provide you high end Wellness Tourism Consultancy & Training Services. Whatever you may need Anna is just one email away to help you.

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