Anxiety and Procrastination Coaching

Are you a habitual procrastinator? This might make you suffer from tremendous anxiety and depression. WellAnna’s anxiety and procrastination coaching will make a difference in your life. It will help in shifting your mindset so that you successfully overcome the challenge of procrastination.   Even when we are at the best of life, there are certain things we do not want to do. We simply procrastinate.  

Why do people procrastinate? Because they tend to avoid unpleasant emotions and fear failure, disapproval and imperfection. Inertia is also another big reason. 

Why do you need this coaching?

  • You suffer from prolonged work-related anxiety
  • You feel lack of control in various outcomes of life
  • You struggle with time management
  • You are lagging in productivity and performance
  • You suffer from indecisiveness
  • You fear negative feedback 
  • You feel overwhelmed 

Procrastinators are unique as individuals and therefore the coaching is always tailor-made.

Anxiety and Procrastination Coaching