Brain Maker

This is a 30-day online program based on a holistic approach. The aim of this program is to improve your mental performance, which reflects in an improved physical state as well. The course takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and includes 45-days of group training and coaching that gives you an opportunity for improving your physical and cognitive abilities.
Anna’s approach believes that small steps help you to achieve your big goals. By doing small changes in your daily life can make a big change in your inner energy levels, mindset, and well-being leading to increased focus, higher performance, stronger health, and an overall abundance of health in your life. You can participate in this program from any part of the world!

What Courses and Activities are Included in this Program?

  • After you are registered for this program, you will be added to the group communication with like-minded people.
  • Questions and Answers session with Anna.
  • 2 live group sessions on the scheduled tasks and topics with anna twice a week (120 mins). This session gives you a theoretical overview and practical techniques for implementing in your daily practice.
  • One collective group meditation session every week for 30 minutes.
  • Tips for everyday meditation in the group as per your own schedule.
  • Feedback from Anna for the questions that occurred in the program along with group communication.
  • Tips and motivational notes for improving your daily tasks and routines in the group.
  • A structured diet plan for the first week of the program.
  • 5 minutes of daily mental and emotional wellness exercises for improving your emotional resilience.
  • Recorded sessions for daily stretching exercises that can be done at your own place and time.
Brain Maker